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About Us



We are experts at helping companies maximize their investment in their business management software the RIGHT WAY and with the RIGHT PEOPLE.

We actually get involved and learn YOUR business and build relationships with YOUR staff so that we can offer the BEST possible solution for YOUR business.

Over 75 years of accounting experience ensures the support that will empower your personnel to work most efficiently, make more informed decisions, and achieve increased profitability.

Our team of creative, energetic, and resourceful specialists is dedicated to one goal - to help your business succeed in today's competitive environment by bringing quality software and customer support expertise to YOUR business.

BTM offers the unique combination of supplying cutting edge software that will help your company manage by exception while at the same time making available personal, one-on-one, individual support and training. This gives you the best of both worlds, past and present.

Our Mission Statement

It is our goal to provide business solutions to our clients to help insure their prosperity. We will do this honestly and in a manner that will exemplify Christian values. By helping enough people achieve their goals, we will in turn achieve our goals of providing for our families and insuring a long term and profitable business


In the words of some of our dedicated team:

"I am driven, motivated, and inspired knowing that I have helped someone resolve his or her problem."

Melissa Kellum
Customer Support Manager

"The thing I like most about what I do at BTM is answering customers' questions when they call and making them happy. When they say I have saved them, it makes my day."

Ginger McCrary

"Our ability to communicate effectively with our customers and each other and to work as a team is one of our best assets."

Scott Campbell
Support Specialist

"We are high tech, but we're still high touch."

Helen Stewart
Vice President of Operations