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Our Qualifications
When searching for a high-quality, guaranteed product or service, BTM Solutions has continually proven to be a leader in this industry. We are in the business of solving problems for businesses. We do this through the use of SAP Business One, SouthWare Software, MMS software (manufacturing software developed by BTM Solutions), our training services and other software as required.

Our staff is dedicated to the support of our clients which make up one of the oldest and largest SouthWare client bases in the nation. BTM has designed and is selling nationwide our closed loop manufacturing ERP system called MMS. These modules are growing in popularity among the SouthWare dealer base since they are a seamless fit into the already existing SouthWare Modules. Our clients range from the world’s largest to small and mid-range businesses in areas such as manufacturing, distribution, retail, wholesale, service organizations, etc. We have also assisted many clients in their ISO 9000 certifications.

One of the products we have recently developed is a recall program that will assist our clients in the food processing industry in case of recalls for homeland security reasons. These same programs are beginning to be used in other industries for the same reasons. Since our expertise runs so deep, we have formed a consulting division to help in areas where our expertise has been recognized.  BTM recently received the Excellence in Training Award at the 2007 SAP Annual Partner Conference.  This award demonstrates BTM's commitment to maintaining the highest level of certification in order to advise and support our customers in the most effective manner.

BTM also offers web-based services for e-commerce and web development services for our clients. BTM was chosen to be the beta test dealer for the new warehouse tracking module that incorporates wireless handhelds and other leading-edge technologies to track and maintain inventory in a warehouse environment.

BTM is qualified to help your business with your software solution, the right way with the right people.

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